Looking for Outfit Inspiration


I’m looking for outfit inspiration because I’m not good when it comes to designing my own characters. Can someone please help me? Thanks!


Are you using limelight or ink and what type of outfit are you looking for?


LL or ink


I’m using Limelight


Here’s a couple of mine if you might like them :slight_smile:

Second One

Third One

Fourth One

Fifth One

Those are just some of them! I hope you like a few. :wink:



If you’re ever dead on inspiration… You can go to the profile section on Episode and once you select create avatar there will be an outfits section, prepare outfits by episode both male and female in LL!
Hope this helps!
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Thanks, I actually really like these! Never be afraid to send more because my imagination is practically nonexistent…


Oh that’s true… Lmao I never realized until now


For sure!