Looking for Paid Coder/ Co Writer (Maybe)

Hi Everyone!

I am looking for someone to help me team up for my story Euphoria Island. Which is about sexy singles getting sent to an Island thinking they are going there for fun and realizing people sent them there because they need to learn how to build meaningful relationships with one another. I am looking for someone who might be interested in co-writing with me, but more in need of a coder. I am going to pay whoever helps, looking for someone middle or advanced who can help with coding dates, mini games, panning and zooms. My hope is to invest in this process and also code chapters with them ( I am new to this) but I want to make sure the effort is put it and the time isn’t only on one person’s shoulders.

If you also have the abilities below I think we could be a great team:

Communicate clearly and stick to mutually agreeable deadlines
Let me know if you can’t follow up on certain deadlines
Knowledge of flags, points, and other abilities in episode
Understand google docs and gchat
Understand pauses, and cliffhangers
Ability to work with complex choices
Preference for those in the USA because of time zone differences but not required
Must be 18 years old or older

I’m offering:
Directing and/or writing credit.
Payment: I will pay either in advance or every time a chapter is coded (per chapter or sometimes in bulk for chapters) depending on what the person might want.)
Future partnership on other projects
Reference provided

When messaging, please include a sample of what you feel is your best coding work. Or you can leave a comment to.

Feel free to PM here and I’ll get back to you within 48 hours!


I can help you if youd like i got lost of time to help

Can you message me!

Hi there,

Just meant with like mini game stuff and point structuring or multiple timef decisions etc. my insta is acthewriter let’s chat there.

minasdairies on instagram takes coding commissions
You can dm her for more details :sparkles:

Thanks I will keep this in mind

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Bumping <3

Did you ever check out my examples I sent you? You never got back to me :slightly_smiling_face::heart:

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Hi there, I am going to PM you.

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