Looking for Partners of all types!

Hi guys! I’ve been a reader on Episode for a few years now and I’m getting back into writing so I thought I’d look around for a team who would be willing to help me out with my story if you like it! Any kind of help is welcome; Directing, background/overlay finder/makers, artists for art scenes, outfit designers, character designers, ETC.

Brief info on my story: It’s fantasy/drama/romance, with some magic/fight scenes planned.
If I get enough people to want to join me, I’ll add you into an instagram groupchat and Discord if you have it. Thanks for your consideration :heart:


I would love to help! Is it Limelight? Let me know! :slight_smile:

I WANT TO JOIN! :heart_eyes: I could do moving intros if you want. I’m better with advance coding and overlays placement :wink:

I’d love to join! I’m very good with coding and directing.

If you need any help in carry your story to the next chapter just drop me a message.

I’m very good with characters and story ideas.

I’m avalible if you need any help x

Outfit designer!!

character designer!! :black_heart::heart:

I would love too!!!
Coding, directing , backgrounds and overlays :heart:

My Ig: episode_imsadi

Awesome! And yes, it is LL. Do you have an instagram or discord?

Yay! Do you have instagram or discord?

I could help with the art, character design and plotting! :slight_smile:

Yes I do! It’s @Malina.Episode

I have Instagram. It’s @epi.blue16

i work well with the limelight clothes as a outfit designer! pm to partner.