Looking for people to be in my shop! (Closed!)

Hi everyone! I’m looking for a few artists to be in my art shop called the Queen of Hearts Art Shop. I’m looking for an editor or two (maybe three) and a few artists. Anyone I pick will be added to a forums private message/ group chat.

If you are interested! Please fill out the following form:

  • About how many days a week are you active?
  • About how many hours do you spend on forums a day?
  • What styles do you do? (LL, INK, Classic)
  • What type of work do you do? (Digital Art, Edits, etc)
  • Do you have some samples? If so, leave a few. please!
  • Are you an author, reader, or do you just float around forums?

Thanks for filling it out!

I do edits in LL and INK. I’ve never tried Classic, but I could probably do it. I do pretty much anything, but LL is my strong suit.


I don’t want the shop to get too crowded, so I will take 5 people (excluding myself) into the shop.


Bumpsies! :heart:

Bummpp :smiley:

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Idk how to edit but I can create some outfits :upside_down_face:

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That’s great! After I posted I realized I forgot outfit designers! :smiley:
Would you like to be a part of the shop?

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Bump! :heart:

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except sunday and saturday (5 days)
I dunno whenever I get time
I create outfits
I did :smiley:
I am writing .

A bit casualish type


I am well aware the last one is not fancy but I like that combination verry much that’s why I shared

nerdy birdy


I love them! :heart: :heart_eyes:
I’ll add you to the list and the chat!

Side question: Do you do outfits in just LL or INK or Classic? Or a combo?

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U r thinking of commission artists as well

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Yes I am thinking about adding one to the shop!

Then i want to join for commission artist


5 days (working days)
2 hours (maybe)(i usually check it rapidly)
I don’t usually do episode style since it is not allowed but my own oc (but yeah i can see and try to do ll and ink but of course in my oc)
Digital art (for commission)


I am a reader and a artist

Np :blush:

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I love your work! I’ll add you to the list and to the group chat! :heart: :smiley:

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Hello! As of now, we have enough editors and we are looking for artists! Whether they draw in LL, Ink, Classic or their own style, we are open to any artists!

Bump! (Read post above)

I need a Cover Artist. Please reply back if you will make it for me. Thanks-

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Hi! Our shop hasn’t opened yet, but I will tag you when it is. Atm, we don’t have an artist to do art for free, but if you find someone, I will let you know!

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Okay, thank you!

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I’m active everyday
I’m active for 2/3 hours
I do edits in LL style
I make character edits
Here are my samples

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That’s great! I’ve talked it over with the other members and we’ve accepted you to our team! I’ll add you to the group chat!