Looking for people to commission from

Hi there! I have never commissioned anything before, so I’m very new to this. I’m looking for people to commission a small, large, intro, and outro cover from. It doesn’t matter if it’s the same person or different to me. The story is in Limelight and I’d like two characters on each cover. One of the characters is black, so I need someone who can draw textures hair. I don’t really have a budget, so please tag people or message me with examples! I also don’t need it anytime soon, so there’s no rush!


Check out candra_krida on Instagram, I believe she has commissions open

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Sorry if I got the usernames wrong:

Hi!! Im open! You can check my insta @ZamiraArts and dm me there :heart::heart::heart::heart: Here are some samples of my work:



Hey i do commissions (and I promise you that I’m really cheap!)

Here I’ll show you some of my latest works so you can have an idea of my style (even if i improve everyday so it could become even better)

I love irdeinfierno on IG.
She made the cover for my new story
You can find More examples on her IG !

Hi!! Im open for commissions! You can hit me up on insta @zamiraarts. Here are some samples of my work:

I have cheap commissions:)