Looking for people to join episode group

So I’m thinking of making an episode group either here or on instagram where we can let people request thing such as art, reviews, shoutouts interviews etc
Let me know if you would be interested :))


Interested. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Yay, what kind of requests could you take?

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I could do some reviews


That’s great, I’ll add you to the list of people who are interested


I would like to join!

Great, what kind of requests can you do?

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I can do anything really! but I would love to do story reviews or shoutouts!

Yay, do you have Instagram?

Yes! It’s @ereksonwhitney99 and @whitney_episode1

OK, I’m just creating the account now and then I’ll follow you and add you to a group chat.
Do you have any suggestions for the name of the group? I can’t think of anything

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Hmm episode_sunsets

Oh my god I love it. I’ll add you to it as soon as I’ve created it

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I messaged you :two_hearts:

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i would love to help

Oh yay, do you have instagram?
And what kind of requests can you do?

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yes i do its evi.eepisode i can do shoutouts and rfr or proofread and covers and splahses and character cards and moodboards

I’ll add you to the group :slight_smile: