Looking for Personal Editor - Backgrounds

Hi, I’m planning on writing a sequel for my original story: Bad Boy Reputation. I’m looking for a personal editor who makes backgrounds specifically.

Examples of what I mean:
• Bedroom Backgrounds
• Bathroom Backgrounds
• Outdoor Backgrounds
• Etc.

The things I’m looking for in an editor are:
• Someone who loves to create backgrounds
• Someone who is skilled in making backgrounds

Here are some ways I can pay you:
• A shoutout on my Instagram
• A link to your Google Drive (If you have one)
• Credit at the end of each Episode

Things I would like to know in the comments: (Please answer all 5 questions)
• How long have you been creating backgrounds?
• What type of program or programs do you use to create backgrounds?
• How long do you take to create a background?
• Do you think your backgrounds are the best of your ability and the highest quality you can make?
• Why did you start making your own backgrounds?

If you are interested in becoming my personal background editor, please show me some of the backgrounds you have made, like in the example above and answer the 5 questions I have.

Thank you.

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I can try! Here are some examples on my thread

  1. I’ve been creating backgrounds for quite some time now. (Maybe 6 months)
  2. I use pixlr & paint 3d
  3. It usually takes me a day or too. But, with school maybe a week
  4. Yes
  5. I wanted to make something that I can say “That’s mine. I created that” I wanted to push myself even when it was hard

@mindy_epsiode I can be your personal background editor, if you want some examples, here’s my google drive link PM me


I’m going to PM you another question I have if that’s okay?

That’s fine.

Heyy I love you backgrounds can you be my bg editor😍?

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Tysm💙 I’ll pm you