Looking for polyamorus story

Hello! i am looking for stories where the mc falls in love with two people or othe other way around, doesn’t matter and then they all date. good directing is always a plus :relaxed:

Thank you beforehand!


are you looking just for stories with more love interest or really for polyamory stories = all the people in the relationships know about the other relationships/partners and are OK with that.

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My story Zombies Ate My Homework! Has the opportunity to romance 3 characters, if you do they’ll enter into a polyamorous relationship in the upcoming episodes :smiley:

Unvirtued by @Metalicious

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Mine and Yours by Joriemar

  • Ink.
  • I think it’s complete.

The Darkness Within by Jess Fox

  • Limelight.
  • You can choose “both” toward the end.
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Well all the people in the relationship know about one another and are ok with that

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Unexpectedly Chaotic by maranna
Dirty Business by B.b.