Looking for proof reader


Hey everyone, I’m looking for someone who could proof read my story.
I would be really glad to have you helping me!
Love Rai


What’s your story about?


It’s about a girl named Emilia. She lost her brothers and mother and when her father had been diagnosed with cancer her father tell her that one of her brother run away and never looked back and that it was his fault. Since he can’t look for him, he ask her to do it, in order for him to apologize for everything he’ve done to her brother. Little did she knew, that he was now working for the mafia.
That’s the short summary. :slight_smile: :see_no_evil:


What’s the title?


“Beyond Love and Life” or short “BLL”
But it’s not published yet.


Oh ok


I would like to let someone proof read it first. :see_no_evil:


I can


Here it is thank you a lot _Nasia :kissing_heart::heart::see_no_evil:


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After the next morning I think sleepy was spelt wrong


You spelled brother wrong because instead of it you spelled brohter


Ok thank you :heart: