Looking for Proofreader for my LDR contest entry

Hey there everyone, so I am entering LDR contest.English is my second language.Although I am pretty good at it but still I want someone who can proofread my LDR story because its my contest entry and I don’t want to take any chances with it

If anyone is interested in being my Proofreader please contact me on my Instagram @epi.rimsha.

I will surely messgae you back.

But please, contact me only if you are serious about this.

You must fulfill these conditions to be a Proofreader:

1.Must be 18 years or older
2.Must be fluent in english.
3Have full knowlege of spelling and grammer
4.You should be serious about it as I have spent many hours working on my story and I want it to be best.

*You will be credited in story and my Instagram for proofreading my story.


I do proofreading, i have done for more than 10 stories now
And I do for pricing $2/episode
Dm if you are interested
IG - _angryybirdd _

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Happy to be a proofreader. English is my first language and I am great at grammar and punctuation. Cannot guarantee consistency however, as my schedule is busy at the moment.

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Closed by OP request. :smiley: