Looking for proofreader(s) for my new story!


I am currently getting back into rewriting a story that I started a year and a half ago, and I reworked the story line and am trying to be a bit more ambitious with directing etc., but I would still like to have 2-3 proofreaders who can read my chapters before release and make sure there are no errors/mistakes in the script or stuff that doesn’t add up with the story line etc. as well as grammar mistakes and such things since English is not my mother language.


  • you have experience writing & directing a story (you know your stuff hahah)
  • you are active on instagram, as all communication will be on IG
  • you reply and proofread in time for me to be able to publish weekly (less than 2 days to proofread and less than a day to reply to messages generally)

(edit: I already have 2 proofreaders now who mainly focus on directing, but still looking for some people just to review the story itself and bring in ideas for scenes, dialogs etc.)

Thank you in advance!

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Heyy, I can do that!!

Cool, thanks for the quick reply! Could you send me a message on IG so I can create a group chat? All communication will be on there. My @ is sorayaaww

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I do paid proofreading
$1 per small episode & $1.5 per long episode

What do you consider a short and a long episode? I usually try to have my episodes be around 5 minutes long for the reader.

How much lines of code?
I guess thats a short one

600-700 usually

Yup thats a short one

ah ok cool! can you send me a private message on IG so we can discuss details? my @ is sorayaaww

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I have sent a pm in IG

Hey girl :heart:

Well I’m a commissioned proofreader and I can help you with advanced grammar, Idioms etc.

Incase your interested, don’t forget to fill out my form :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’ve dropped down my prices for a sale so it’s really cheap :heart:

Thank You :heart:

Thanks, I have already found someone I am happy with!

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