Looking for proofreader/writer!

Heyy! I’m currently writing a new story. I’m only on episode 1 still but I’m looking for a proofreader. The only requirements I have are that you’re between 14-17 and I’d prefer if you were a writer too so you could help me out with the writing at times too. :blob_hearts:

The story is a drama/romance set in the modern day and is about a girl figuring out her identity on a holiday basically, (obviously there’s more to it but that’s the basis). If you’re interested comment down below!

– Sapphire

I’d like to help!

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Awesome, thanks! I’ll message you (:

I would love to help

Sorry but I already found the help I needed but thank you sm for offering.

@Sydney_H Please close (:


Closed by OP request. :smiley: