Looking for proofreaders:))

I’m entering the OV contest and currently have two chapters done. I’d really appreciate it if someone can look over them.

They are both very very short chapters. The genre is LGBTQ+!!

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What’s it about?

Hey Im a proofreader for this shop.
If you want me to proofread for you just read the rules and fill out the form.

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A “kiss” now has the potential to ruin your entire life. Can you learn to accept yourself and figure out who is targeting you?

That sounds Interesting, I would be happy to read it and good luck with your story!

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yay!! message me and I’ll send you the link. it won’t let me go on your profile

Hey, I’d be happy to proofread for you! Check out my thread below for information and prices, but let me know if you have any questions or if you’re interested! :heartpulse:


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