Looking for R4R for my LDR contest entry

Hello Everyone :wave:
So you all know the LDR contest is live now and I am looking for r4r.
I just published my LDR entry so if you are interested in doing r4r with me, you can contact ne here or on my Instagram@epi.rimsha.

Please remember that sharing screenshots after reading is important for reader retention.
When you complete r4r with me, you have to send me screenshots from episode 3 so that I can know that you have completed all three episodes, I will do same.
The r4r is open for every story, no matter whether you qre in contest or not.
Also I will be promoting your LDR stories if you agree to do r4r with me on my Instagram.
That’s it. :slight_smile:

Story Title-. LDR: Miss You
When the love of your life leaves you behind in search of a hidden treasure,the only way you communicate is through letters.Will the oceans break the bond you have?



Story Link-

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