Looking for readers, story reviewers! <3

Hi there, Im Kate! :sunflower:
I love writing stories and have been reading many on this app for almost 6 years. :scream:
I decided to start my own story sometime ago and my heart still aches to finish it. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I would love to hear your opinions and reviews on my story. I really worked hard on it so that people would engage in it. If there’s anything you think I’d need to improve let me know, I’d be happy to hear from any of you! :relaxed:

Plot: When a wild night Cara can’t remember puts her in the crosshairs of a local gang, she’s forced into a crazy scheme, getting the new mystery guy in her class to fall in love with her. Will she choose right or wrong? Will the mystery guy fall for her games? What’s his connection with this gang? Find out as you explore Cara’s life during her ultimate senior year.


This is my review shop:

You can enter the details I want over there :blush:


I can review if you want.

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I would love you to :black_heart: please let me know how what you think

Is your story released?

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Yes, It has 5 episodes.
You can search it up by writing Crossroads in the search, the cover should pop up :upside_down_face::tada:

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Hey, your story is great. The characters and plot is unique. Can’t wait for the next episodes!:revolving_hearts:

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Oh, really? I am so glad that you enjoyed it! :see_no_evil::black_heart:

if your up for a r4r let me know here or on Instagram @eyahmn.episode

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I’s be down to do a r4r :black_heart:

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Sure PM your link!

Do you possibly have Instagram?

I do! It’s @blackfox.episode


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