Looking for readers!


Hi all!!! I am a new writer on Episode and I’m looking to get more readers on my stories. I currently have two stories published, both of which I am still working on. I am also working on a new story which will be coming soon.
My stories are Mr. Bad Boy and The Shifting of the Wind. Both the links will be down below.
Also, I read all my fan mail, so if anyone would like to give me some feedback on my stories, I would greatly appreciate that.
Thank you all so much, sending my love.


Mr. Bad Boy

The Shifting of the Wind


Can you show the covers?


I’m going to read your stories I’m just starting out to nothing posted yet though. I was wondering if you know any good limelight love stories?



These are the covers to my stories.


Thanks, I’ll check it out! x


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I don’t know any good limelight because I mostly read INK stories. But one of my favorite INK love stories is The Stripper by Shadow if you wanted to check that one out.


Ok thanks and I read the first ep of “the shifting winds” and I really liked it! I would say tho you should let the readers customize the main characters. Keep up the good work and good luck!