Looking for resources

Okay, so I just signed up here because I bookmarked all the info I need to make my stories, but since they’ve updated, II have no idea where to go to find my bookmarks. How do I find what I’m looking for using the new forum? Please help, thank you.

You can use the magnify glass to search the forum to see if anything is here, otherwise, the old threads are gone.

i may sound dumb, but what magnifying glass? and does this mean I’m going to have to search all over again? :cry:

The little search bar button next to the 3 line drop-down button. You’ll probably have to search all over again because since this forum took the name of the old, the old was overlapped.

well hell! is the old one still around maybe???

Someone just posted this the other day: http://oldforums.episodeinteractive.com/

thank you!!! omg!!!

Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: