Looking for rewiew/feedback/beta readers

I would really like if someone did look through my reveal contest entry and tell me how to improve, the story is only a first draft, and I haven’t edited anything I just wrote the first chapters, and kept pushing to write more. so I could have all 3 done in text. and some animation.

because of the deadline, I dont have time for someone to do it later, I need the feedback now so I can make a great story. its already at a point where its okay. and honestly, I seen worse publish stories. but I arent going for okay I am going for amazing. but sometime you think something is good an it arent, which is why I would like the opinions.

I need someone who will look at. and tell me how to improve
the plot
The character’s personality.
The feel of the story
is it going to fast or to slow(properly not to slow).
give a lot of details on what they like/dislike, I dont want a point system they arent helpful. the review is to help improve story not to be told its good or bad.

And someone who will look past these things because I haven’t done it yet. I will be I haven’t
and speachbubbells

they will be done before I publish, and if you feel like a mention please remember I am aware, I told you and I will take care of it before I publish.

reveal scorn heir.

The royal family has been murdered, only an unofficial child is left to take the throne. well, that is until one more show up with a claim to it,


also, should I give limited cc for the love interest (won’t be full because body overlays, but there is more than one love interest. all different race)

  • yes
  • no

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also you can earn point my picking right answers, should lose a point for picking the wrong one.

  • yes
  • no
  • yes but only if there is a third choice their won’t touch points at all

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it wasent there?

It was in Creator’s Corner. :slight_smile:

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