Looking for Sample Scripts

I have recently tried to write an episode story and I’m just really confused and wondering if anyone would be willing to offer some sample scripts so I can work off their code??? Thank you so much!

Hi :slight_smile: if you can tell me what type of coding you want (templates, limited cc, overlays, or whatever) I can make you a few examples to work with

I’ll be happy to help, what do you have in mind? :heart:

If you look up Joseph Evans on YouTube, ha has great tutorials in coding! He is who taught me how to code!

OMG thank you SOOO much! These videos are exactly what I need!

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I’m really confused on character placement

If after the videos you still don’t know, I’d be more than happy to explain you how to do it or making a few samples :slight_smile:

I am also really confused on zones I’ve looked at his videos on youtube and still having a little bit of trouble would you be able to help me out with a sample script?

Hey just wondering if you still need help! If so send me a pm and I’ll gladly help you out