Looking for shoos

I tried black I tried white, I don’t find them and you see they are there, it is not the first time that i see clothes on INK that I don’t have, ho is this even possible? Can someone give me the exact name of those choose please.

thanks a lot


@Zoekezoef Cap Toe Heels

yep, they are but why aren’t they in the collection why you click all shoos ore you select white black I don’t understand I have the feeling that I don’t have everything.
the same with this, it is not in the accessories, I found it like I did this.Image6
And I see on regular basis clothes in INK that I don’t have. Ho is this possible @Apes do you have any
explanation for this all.

And it is the same for the tatoo arm you don’t find it, are they hidden clothes or something.
thanks for the shoos

@Zoekezoef this items are basic for INK and they are not hidden. If you write the name and don’t appear, it is possible to have a bug. Try to log out, refresh your browser and then login again.

Tattoo on INK it’s available only for male character and it’s called “Lady Rose Tattoo (Cade)”.


yes i have the name but standard they are not to find, how do you know what you need to write if you don’t know the name or the name that it is called, why are they not in the standard things.

I had same problem until I found a very easy way to find what I need.
On the bottom (before the images with the items for your outfit) you have many options.
One of them is Filter by Clothing Type.


When I want Accessories I select “Show All Accessories”, And then you can add extra filter like color, or type of the accessories (like bracelets, or necklage…)

When I’m done… I select “Clear All Clothing Filters” or I select other option (like bottoms - here you will find, skirts, pants, shorts…) or footwear (boots, heels, socks) and so on.

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great tip thanks xxx

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I just did it for the accesoires the bracelet is not there. And for the shoos it does not work too :thinking::thinking::thinking:

I searched now on me and it’s not on accessories too. Few days ago was there because I made an outfit. I guess it’s a bug, or something.:thinking:
If you can’t find something with Filter by Clothing Type, try to find with Filter by Colors.

That i do all the time and i put the name in and even then sometimes it chowes up and sometimes not.

Have you got some others that are “hidden” xxx

Like what?

dont know the new things xxx

:thinking: For the moment what I wanted, I could find. You can search “hidden items” here on forums and you’ll be able to find them.

ho can i do that ? x

hidden props i Know , hidden animations too but clothes???

I don’t think they are. Only that one for VIP writers. The others are available for all. But if you have time and enough patience to search, press magnifier from the top - right part of your screen.

,??? i dont understand it.

what can I search there? those are only topics that you find. x