Looking for some background characters (Heroic Contest)

I’m doing a ball scene and I need plenty of bg characters. Please put your details if you’d like to be in the story!
Ps: I’ll have to change everyone’s eye colors to blue (if yours isn’t already)


mineis blue Isa here you go…

My char card

Hillary character card


hey there!
Hope you’re doing great!:heart:
Here are my details:)
So my details are here as follow~
Skin tone~gold 00
Hair~wavy princess braid
Hair color ~ natural black
Eyebrows~ arched thin high
Eyebrow color~natural black
Eyes~ deepset downturned
Eye color~ black/blue
Nose~defined natural
Lips~full round flat top skin
Lip color~hot pink (matte)

Additional details
Butterfly tattoo on the wrist!:white_heart: (if possible)

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Here are a couple of my characters that have blue eyes


Aideen’s leg bruise is supposed to a birthmark so if you can leave it that’d be great :relaxed:

You can use mine! Good luck with your story :cowboy_hat_face:


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