Looking for some background characters (send in your character cards!)

Hey, everyone! I need some background characters for my upcoming story!! Credit will be given!

Please send in your character cards, or a picture of your character with a description of their features.


  • Background character
  • Basketball player (Boys team only)
  • Basketball coach
  • Cheerleader
  • Bar worker
  • Collage professor - 2/4
  • Mean girls/boys
  • Friend
  • Collage dean (Principal)
  • Gang member
  • Gang leader
  • Crazy Ex - taken

If I think of any more that I need, I’ll add them!


Hey! Here’s mine-
Role: Probably mean girl (idk why) or Gang leader (If there’s a female gang leader role)


You can choose her outfit accordingly or I could send you the outfit I used for her if you want.

Thank you so much, your character is beautiful!!

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Thank you :slight_smile:

Hey beautiful!

Name: Sams
Skin Tone - Neutral 4
Body - Athletic
Eyebrows - Arched Scar (colour - dark black)
Eyes: Generic (colour - brown black)
Hair - no hair (hijabi) (if not, wavy princess braid, black dark.)
Nose - Defined Natural
Lips - Full round pouty (colour - red matte).

Role: Gang member sounds awesome!

Credits: @editzs127 on tiktok!
Good luck with your story, let me know if you need anything x

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Of course, thank you so much!

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Boost again!! More characters needed!


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Thank you :sob:

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Crazy ex


Love that you chose crazy ex :sob:


Here are my details! 🩶

Credit: @kikiepimoon
Role: Bar worker, crazy ex, gang leader, or anything you think fits the story! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Cheerleader or gang leader :black_heart:

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Yes please! Always wanted to fulfill my Regina George era :rofl:


Body: Female Soft Body/Gold 5
Brow: Straight Thin/Black Dark
Hair: Long Feathered Bangs Blunt/Black Dark
Eyes: Heavy Lid Upturned Falsies/Brown Black
Face: Diamond Defined Contour
Nose: Round Flared Downturned
Lips: Full Round Flat Top Skin/Dark Apricot Matte

Thank you!! Your character is gorgeous by the way

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Thank you!! Your character is beautiful!!

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I can’t see the details 🫶🏼

Should be good now! <3

Your character is so beautiful!!

Thank you!! If you think about using it you can make changes to your liking of course <3

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