Looking for some backgrounds allways, were criminals are and stuff

Hope someone can help me x

I hope this is what you meant






they are beautiful but i need those from episode x

Hmm I think @/Shara.stories has some go to episodelife.com and search alley in backgrounds and I think you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for.

maybe u need these stuff those are not mine its lonewolf

No not really, allys our a carpark street with grafititi x

she herself in here linktree has not, i have acces to the drive from lonewolf but i don’t think she has it …

Real gangster streets i need.

Oh I see hmm I’ll see what I can find

with grafiti and stuff

Ok so I found some stuff from online I forgot the websites thoimage

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love those but a little too colorful to make a cover, you won’t see my text :disappointed:

Oh shoot sorry girl

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