Looking for some COMPLETED INK stories to read!

Hey, I have read quite a few stories on Episode so I am finding it hard to find completed INK stories for me to read. Post away any you know of or have written.

Please make sure they are completed and in INK

Thanks :slight_smile:


Challenge Accepted by Annie Edison
Silhouettes by aprilish


The Marriage Councelor by Joriemar, Also Dead 7 by Mikayla.

Deep Attaction series by: Lady Diana
Chain Reaction series by: Miss Mj
Its Just an Illution series by: Miss Mj
Falling For Sin By: Ceri
Being Perfect by: Arrows


Insomnia by Caitoriri.writes

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All stories by Kayla Sloans except War Dogs, since it’s not complete yet. Also The Ruby Tiara by Wincy W.


Hello my is complete story but its not been published yet as need to twerk here and there. It’s a INK

Ruby Tiara by Wincy w

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The Four Kingdoms and Let’s Play Pretend

L.O.A.P by @OreoBiscuit

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ooh thank-you all! I just finished dead7 since this post yesterday. It was good!
I have read the ruby tiara - amazing.
I have also read deep attraction and chain reaction by Miss Mj - amazing of course.

Now I will go through all the replies and find another story to read.

Thank you all xx

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the deep attraction series is bae

Mine above
Mum know’s best has now been published :slight_smile:

Title Rose
Author Jojo
Genre Mystery
Description Already struggling with her past, Rose falls into some more drama romance, mystery, what adventures and heartbreak will she face next?
Link http://www.episodeinteractive.com/s/5164972039208960

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