Looking for some feedback to improve my recently released story

I have recently released my new story, it’s a fictional historical drama. I’m in need of some honest constructive feedback, if anybody had some time to read it And tell me if I should improve it, what should I improve… I would really appreciate it. I write lot POVs, First three chapters are Just The prolog, There are many genres And I’m not so sure About it.
Thank you Very much!

It’s called The Heir :crown:
Author Šebule.


Hey! I was reading your story for giving you an honet feeedback but I’m not avaible at the moment so I was wondering if it’s okay that I’d give you my feedback in an hour or something? I’m taking screenshots, too! I was actually in the middle of the second chapter lol By the way, love your plot already! I can tell it’s well written! :two_hearts:

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Sure, thank you Very much!

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Of course! I’ll PM you when I’m done with the reading your story :hugs:

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