Looking for some good INK stories (recommendations) I could make fan art to ❤️

Haii :))
Since mah super awesome friend is going to write a story in INK, but said she’s not really good in drawings, I told her I’ll do it :)) I mean, ALL of them :DD Like a personal artist :))
That’s why I’m looking for some super good INK stories, so I could make some fan art for then. I’ve never read any INK stories, cuz I never was a fan of INK, but I want to become one :DD
She really is my best epi friend, so I want to draw her everything as good as I can…

So… If you could recommend me some really good, and famous (popular) INK stories I could make fan art to, I’ll appreciate it!! :heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Thank you :)))

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Burning Desire
Wrapped In Lies
End Game
Fall For You
Fine Line
Maid For You
Assassins Heart
Sweet Fangs
Rebounding With Bad
lol I have so many more

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hi have an ink story if your want

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The Teenage Vigilante

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Wowowow!!! TYSM!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: You can’t imagine how much you helped me, tysm!!! :sweat_smile::heart::heart::heart::heart:

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Ty :))

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no problem!
(Stripped is also rlly good!

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Would you like to read my story?!

Tysm :))

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I’m looking for stories I could make fan art to :))

Hey, I’m looking for stories I could make fan art to… :))

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Hi! I have an ink story that I recently finished!

Title: Relentless

Description: Leah and Xavier were abandoned on The Island as babies. Together, they try to figure out why. Along the away, they discover even more than they ever could have anticipated.

Chapters: 50 (finished)

Link if you’re interested:

My Instagram: gabi.episode

Title: Allergic to Love
Category: Action / Drama
Number of episodes: 3 (ongoing)
Short description: Leo finds himself at the end of the road because he trusted the wrong people. Play as Leo, find the traitor and maybe love on the way.
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5386924254429184
Instagram: night_episode

here’s my story if you want to make fan art

@Thequeen1000 @Gabi.episode @iag1690 you kinda misunderstood me… :grimacing::grimacing:
As I said, I’m looking for popular stories, with a lot of reads, that already has some or a lot of fan art done, and hashtags with it, but ofc first thing I have to do is to like the story, otherwise it wouldn’t be a fan art. It’s not like I can tell someone, I’ll do fan art for your story, when I haven’t even read it, because in that case, it would be just some art, not fan art.
I hope you understand me. :))

ummm its ok

good luck finding some stories

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I would suggest you search on Instagram because in forums they don’t talk about ink anymore or at least that it’s my perception! Stripped it’s a really good one!

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No problem. I just thought that you were looking for ink stories to read. I also wasn’t aware of the amount of reads or amount of fan art the story needed for you to check it out. Because technically my story has a lot of the things that you were listing so I wasn’t sure.


Oooooooh here are a fewww…

The New Girl
The Night We Met
Hunting Bad

These are all my favs…holy moly :see_no_evil:

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Tysm!! :)))