Looking for some good INK stories (recommendations) I could make fan art to ❤️

Hi! I have an INK story you might like, I’d love some fan art if you end up liking my story!:two_hearts:

At the Crack of Dawn

Story Description:

With the appearance of supernatural powers, vampires and a murder, Zora’s aimless life is suddenly clouded by darkness. Will Zora be consumed by the shadows or emerge as the light?

Genres: Fantasy, School, Drama, Romance

Here’s a trailer if you’d like to watch!

Link to my story:

Title: Poisoned
Style: Ink
Genre: Drama (fantasy and comedy)


Hello! I’m sorry for messaging you or disturbing you. But I was wondering if you could read my story. It’s my first story and I recently published it. Although if u don’t want to read it that’s completely okay. If you by any chance you do read it, please do give me your feedback on the story.

Name: Soulmate or enemy ?
Genre: drama/romance
Writer on episode: Stiles
Sound: no

Story description:
Allison broke up and now there’s someone new who she started dating but now there came her enemy. But is he really her enemy ? He is sweet to her. Is he secretly planned something ?

If you have your story we can do read for read of course :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I will be great for review too. :pray:t2:

For read4read contact me on Instagram Where we can send screens too.
My instragram: stilesstoriesepisode

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Hey thank you for this thread love! I just recently published my new story called Yearning. It would mean the world to me if you read it!:two_hearts:

Title: Yearning
Author: Xiomara
Style: Ink
Genres: Drama, Romance, Action
Main Genre: Drama
Amount of chapters: 3
Small Cover:

Story description:
All her life, Alondra has been longing for something that was missing in her life. Will she find it when she is on the verge of losing her sanity or will someone help her in time?

Instagram: @xiomara.episode

Please note there are trigger warnings/ mental health awareness

A couple of my fav ink stories:

  • remember me by mila
  • stay by kiki
  • the music within by lady strand

INK stories are becoming rare but I love INK so I decided to write in INK instead of LL.
I am currently working on chapter 8 of my new story. I will put the details below if you would like to check it out! I’m not famous or anything but no one ever is at the start I guess haha.

Title: The Life of a Vigilante
Author: sharna
Author instagram: @fsharna3
Genre: Action
Style: INK
Episodes: 7 (ongoing)
Description: What happens when you find yourself involved with the vigilante? Will your life finally have meaning?
Full CC, art scenes, choices, INK.
Link http://episodeinteractive.com/s/6089755918532608