Looking for some help. (look over)


I would like to find someone who would not mind reading over my story and helping me with grammar I get things mixed up sometimes and would love someone who is going to be nice about it and understand that I am trying. I have had people help me out as the read my story but I need someone who can look over the Chapters before hand. :slight_smile:
(English is not my first language.)


I’d love to help you with this! English is my my first language (first and only one lol) and I’m a bit of a grammar freak :slight_smile:


Sounds good I will message you here in a bit with chapter 1


:heart: Yay! I’m really glad this thread worked :smiley:


I’m about to head to bed but you can message me on instagram (@epi.frost) so we can do this all! It’ll be a lot easier for me with communication and all as I don’t get on my computer as often as I do my phone :smiley:


I sure will.


Me to.


:two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts: your story is so lovely and your potential will shine


If you still need help I’d like to do it.