Looking for some loyal followers! (just like F. R. I. E. N. D. S)

Well well!
I was wondering to make a group chat with a group full of BFFS!
So basically we all will be bffs and will stick with each other! Play awesome games! Etcc!


:star2: You should not leave on seen.
Of course you can leave on seen if you have obvious reasons.

:star2: Be active! INTERACT WITH EACH OTHER!

:star2: You should be kind! You should not leave us! We are soul sisters! :heart:

:star2: Be calm! Be helpful and be kind!

:star2: These are the rules!

Pls let me know in the reply section if anyone is Intrested.
And also insert in your reply, which makes you a good friend! What are your qualities? Are you kind? Some fun facts abt yourself

Pls don’t Dm me as a reply for this. Pls reply here in the thread itself


Still don’t understand how it works?
Basically we make a group chat with the bffs I select! Make sure to be super nice fun and we don’t mind if you are crazy! WE LOVE CRAZY

With love,

:star2: Daya :star2:


Hey x

Hi! I would love to be in your GC.

Hmmm… let’s see… I’m usually in a shell, but when I like someone I really open up to them (maybe that’s why people call me loud, cause I’m completely wacky :rofl: :thinking:)
I’ve got an AMAZING memory, so I’m usually used as my mom’s diary to remember all the stuff she forgets :roll_eyes:
I’ve got blue hair.
I’m normally nice, but if someone pisses me off I’m evil :upside_down_face:, and I tend to be really bad at small talk, unfortunately (like when someone talks about weather :expressionless:)
My laugh sounds like a dying horse. :sweat_smile:

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I am observing everyone’s reply! So don’t be shy. Open up! :heart:

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Hey I would like to be in your group.
I am like an open book to read , very talkative though well the person who tries to be more formal I am one hand away from them I am singer on a small stage I sketch too and good at fights with my brother :joy:

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Hey Jade nice hair color , mine is Dark dark black …

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not to be rude, I love this idea but why rules?.. a friendship should know these things automatically…


Didn’t knew what to name them. That’s why I put rules.
And basically I don’t think these are rules. These are just a statement made by me.
Well I also did put it because let’s just say most if the groups I am in don’t care. They won’t even reply. So I think this is a neccesary thing. To do.
And I don’t think these are rude rules.
These are just neccesary if we wanna cooperate with each other without drifting apart :slight_smile:

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And why only pick 5-6 people. friend groups can be big, i have 2 gc with over 30 ppl in both of them

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Well I did picks that because it’s a F. R. I. E. N. D. S group

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That’s a TV show featuring 5 bffs. So decided to make the group themed like that.


Ah ok

And I do think I. Will accept more people if I get more applications :slight_smile:

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Ah ok.

Meeee!!! :pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face:

sweety, pls fill the question in the thread!

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What makes me a good friend :thinking:
I think I’m nice :sweat_smile: And I can make everyone laugh :relieved:
Am I kind? yes :grin:
And I’m not the crazy type. But I can be sometimes
And I’ve watched friends so it would be more fun if we make a gc of 6 people like friends and be a character of it :grin:. yk what i mean. I’d like to be Pheobe or Chandler :grin::grin:
And I’m from Bangladesh. I can speak three lingoes!
I’m suppper fun I lovvvve music. Love singing and dancing. Can’t draw :neutral_face: Sometimes jealous :sweat_smile: of my bestie being besties with another person :sweat_smile: But thats not me, I’m supper funny and Kind so please count me in :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

And a thing: I was thinking about making a thread exactly like this!!! I’m serious!!!

oh and im a girl, age 13

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and i saw you have a bff. if you want her to be also in, just tell her to fill the application!


Umm :thinking: Sure. but she’s not really active now.


Hey @dayaepi
I’m just loving this idea
And I wont say anything good abt me And yes I’m a real bitch (if you ask me to describe myself)
Qualities :thinking: :thinking:
Let me tell you one thing
Life is all about happiness and not worrying and thinking abt all nonsense things
I basically try to be happy all the time and make fun And I always try to keep my surrounding people, the happiest ever.
I have a lot of friends out
If you want to make me your bff then you’re gonna have a crazy journey with me(idk how long) :crazy_face: :crazy_face:
Let me know if you want this crazy bitch as your friend
Of ofcourse
I’m kind to kind and For mean I’m the real devil bitch
See you in the group if you pick me as you bff :partying_face:

Love you , bubye