Looking for some overlays

  1. blush
  2. red eye
  3. blood

can someone help me please.


blush is RED COP LIGHT in the overlay section.

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Also, there are pages that you can look at to find overlays!
Here are a few suggestions on instagram:

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I can make you an overlay! As she said earlier, people usually just use RED COP LIGHT for blush, but I can help with the blood and red eye. Let me know if you want my help.

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Alexa_episode has blood overlays on her google drive.

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thank you :grinning:

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i have found some but they are to big for puting in on the people :sleepy:

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ok will do that in the future, thanks…

those have not a clear background :sleepy:

Sorry! I have so many overlays and backgrounds I must have saved them under the wrong file by accident :confused: I’ll look again later, I would now but I’m a little stretched for time.

thanks that would be great, but can you pm me then because thise topic will be changing from place x

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