Looking for some proofread/beta readers again!

Because episode hates me for some unknown reason, I lost half my stuff with my old story but yeah… so I need some beta/proofreaders for meh story! I know @Cheris was one of my old proofreaders and so was @Nessya and @Nat99y and I thank you three all over again for your help!

here is my story summary


When Castville is hit with bombs, the only survivor is Zara. Waking up 50 years later, she discovers the town, and the whole world has been destroyed. But is she the only survivor?

If you are interested in being a beta/proofreader please comment below! Ty! Have a nice day/night


So she didn’t age after 50 years? :thinking:
Count me in.

Also you’ll have to explain me through PM what do you mean by losing things? :face_with_monocle: Because if that happens I’m backing up everything I’ve. :tired_face:

sure, wanna pm?


Yes, I’m interested ofc!

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I added u to the chat

You can count on me!

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awe ty boo

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