Looking for some1 who can make my cover splash and intro (i will give credits)



Hey, I’m Loren Williams. I Need someone who can make my large cover, small cover, splash and intro. who can make this please conact me and i will give him the details in the email


Me and my team can… If you want


Do you need our examples???


yes thanks you, can you show examples?


If you dont go with them i would love to helo all my examplea are my insta Art_episode




Sure give me a second



I can help to if anyone else hasn’t started yet!




can you make me a splash? i wanna a splash for “this story uses sounds so turn up your volume” and “please be adbised that this story contains mature themes and storng language”


Can you send the details here please


Any characters



Thank you,background???



but if you can make this backround blur and then put the charachters




thx <3 if you wanna send me this in my email


Since @Madaline.episode is already doing it for you I won’t make you splash. Good luck on your story!


Would you like some abs on the girl