Looking for somebody to make me some warnings!

Hello! I’m looking for a set of three splashes. Because of how specific they are in nature (and also because I hate sifting through loads of examples only to find out somebody wouldn’t be able to do aforementioned specifics), I’m not going directly to shops and would prefer not to be linked to one. (With that being said, if you have your own examples on a shop, please don’t hesitate to link; I’d just prefer to have one-on-one communication via this thread or DMs for convenience sake).

As for my splashes, I’m looking for three warnings styled like 1800s-eqsue wanted posters. The first would be one instructing users to turn their sound on, the second warning that the story contains mature themes and opinions that do not reflect my views, and the third reminding users that choices matter. There would also be three different characters featured in the wanted posters, progressing from simply wanted to wanted dead or alive.

The poster style I’ve been imagining (and trying to attempt to do, hasn’t turned out the best) is something like this. I can also sketch out a layout if anyone’s able to help out. The $$$ reward part would be replaced with the warning.

To anyone who can help me out, I’d be eternally grateful. Thanks in advance!

@Ayana.biju5 makes good splashes here is one she made for me…

Her shop is called “my little ice cream shop(oops art shop)”

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