Looking for someone generous to do a cover for me :)

Hey I’m looking for someone to make a realistic cover for me. What I mean by that isn’t a drawn one or an edit of something. I’m looking for one that would look like an actual book cover, if that’s possible.

*Story Name: Waiting for him
*Story Genre: romance/fantasy
*Brief description of story: a 19 y/o female has her fiance always away. what happens when two men enter her life with bonds stronger than love, while taking care of 3 children at home?

So, for the extras, I’m looking for if someone could add a 3y/o looking sad or crying in the distance and the main female character carrying a baby, while being hugged by a nearly transparent man. With a light brown eye in the centre (nearly transparent as well). With blood if possible. Sorry for asking for too much things, I’m sure me and other small authors want their stories to look perfect. :slight_smile:

Contact: Instagram> @the.twins_episode or @fty.omo
Or you can just reply here :slight_smile:

Maybe specify if it’s commissions or not? Since many realistic drawers on here ask for money not free since these things take hours on end and maybe a few days. I’m pretty sure no one on here does those things for free.


Well, I could try. Though I’m still learning.

This one took me about 2 months to do. But since I’ve mastered the basics of realistic art, it’ll probably take a much shorter time then that.

Not really… sorry but that’s a pic from google. You didn’t draw it. :thinking:You cannot claim something as yours which isn’t.


:joy::joy: Girl just got called out :face_with_hand_over_mouth: