Looking for someone in my age group to be my writing partner


I’m 13 years old and pretty new to writing so I’m looking for someone I can trust and also become friends with along the way that’s why someone in my age group would be nice but you can text me on Instagram @naya.epi or contact me here
Also I’m into fantasies drama and others types we can talk about lol❤️❤️


Hi… I don’t have an Instagram but I’ll be happy to be Your writing partner. I have a story coming out in May but I’m still free🙂

Just let me know!


We seem very alike! I dont have an insta, but im into the same generes you said you were into and i am 12 (turing thirteen in May, so its close) I am a beginner and am not very good with coding the episodes, but i love coming up with stories and characters, creating the outfits and personalities, and everthing else! Because of my lack of Insta, please contact me here if you would like to work with me.

Thanks, Cass.


Hi can u be mine and my partners other partner plz it urgent


Hey I’m also thirteen and am needing a writing partner since I can’t code but I can design character for, create, and plan stories.


I am also thirteen and i am pretty good at coding and designing characters, but im absolutely terrible at writing, i didn’t create this thread, but i made another looking for a writing partner and was wondering if you would be interested?


Hi there :slight_smile:
i would love to be your partner and i am also 13.


hey… i know you probably already have a partner to write with but I would like a writing partner im 13 turning 14 in june i could learn how to code but other than that i think i could be pretty useful


Hi, I don’t have instagram, but I am thirteen and I am into the same genres as you so please I want to be partners with you.


I would love to help. I know how to code and I will be turning 12 really soon.