Looking for someone that will do art scenes, willing to pay


I am working on a story and I want to put in art scenes in the story. Just so we’re clear I am not looking for someone to do a cover because it could be difficult to tell the difference. If you are interested you can talk to me on Instagram it’s carllies_episode.


Episode diamonds can and we do it for free


If you have Instagram, there are many artists who have open commissions for art scenes. I would look there, there are many talented artists!


I just thought to post on here because it’s easier for me to then looking through so many profiles to see if their open.


Oh, I see.


You can see @mere.creates on instagram she does I think!


ANYONE RELATED TO EPISODE CAN NOT CHARGE YOU That is not the same for Instagram accounts though


True Dat


Hey so I’m Ellie and I could do some art scenes for you free of charge my insta is @ellie.marie_episode xx


I found someone but thank you anyway guys.


is it Episode_Diamonds cause I was talking to you on instagram