Looking for someone to add dialogue animations to a small script


Hey everyone, this is exactly what it says on the tin. I have a portion of my script that’s 160 lines long and I just want somebody to type in the animations (talk_repulsed, talk_gossip, you know what I mean) according to what the person is saying. The add animations button is broke lmfao and I’m pretty swamped by other things I need to do so it’d be nice if there’s anybody out there who can plug in a bunch of text for me. You’ll be credited don’t worry about it.


Hi, I want to help but I don’t know now what you mean?


@Lizard needs help on the animations.


I have a script with the dialogue written out, but a part of it has no animations coded with the dialogue. You know how to make someone talk, you write it like this?
CHARACTER (talk_happy_smile)
I sure am happy today!
Well cuz I’m busy rn I just have this:

I sure am happy today!


i can help you if you want to???


thanks, I’ll send the script over to you in a sec


I can help if you want!