Looking for someone to create 2 overlays for me ASAP

The overlays are for my intro to my upcoming story Masquerade please pm me if you are willing to do so!!


What kind of overlays do you need? (ex. Text overlays, blanket overlays, etc.)

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I’m looking for some one to create buttons for me

What do you have in mind? (More exact) : ))

a button that says customization, start chapter, end chapter, and one that says credits and I would like it to kinda match and go with this background and to have really fancy font since the name of the story is Masquerade


Hello! If this post is still valid and you have no other takers, I would like to do this for you! Can get it done roughly within an hour or less. If you already have someone, ignore this reply :heart:

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I can get it done but it will take a while since I’m very busy today but I wish I could help :((

Hey Im looking for the same thing.
Do you think you could do some for me too?
could the color dark orange for start, dark red for skip and grey for customization?

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If You still need one You can request here @epi.verve makes overlays :blob_hearts:

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