Looking for someone to create a simple background to use in between episodes

I’m looking for someone to create a custom background for me to use between episodes. I have found several online that I like, but none meet the size requirements, and honestly, I’m tired of looking…LOL.

I’m hoping for it to be black/white and either consisting of a castle ballroom, castle hallway, exterior of a castle, etc. I would use the picture in between episodes and would edit them to say "episode one, " “episode two,” etc. I will give credit to the creator in the story.

Is there anyone that could do this for me within the next few days?

Doesn’t episode have their own bgs?

Yes, they do. But none that I wanted to use in this instance.

I might have something. Can we message privately?


Here or Instagram or Facebook?

Here or Instagram would work.

I’m nessa.a.episode on Instagram.

Ok Instagram

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I can’t find u. Mine is @episode.raeesa