LOOKING for someone to design three christmas covers for a new story coming out on Dec 20

I am looking for a cover artist who will be willing to volunteer to make a story cover for a new christmas story elf’s big promotion: the true meaning of christmas elf’s big promotion 2: getting into the spirt and elf’s big promotion 3: Christmas X Halloween. I will give credit anyone who can create a cover for these three Christmas stories


Hey, I am speaking as an artist. If you’re looking for a free artist there is a possibility you won’t get all 3 till then as it’s a really short period of time for that many covers and it takes 1-2 weeks to get one done.
If you are looking for commissioned (meaning paid), I have seen that people get their cover in 3-4 days (1 cover) BUT as it’s rushed you would have to pay extra for each cover.

Also, you could provide details what kind of style, how many people, pose, etc. are you looking for, so people get more interested.


Are you able to just do one then by 22nd? The style be as creative as you want, but it is a story about a Christmas Elf who discovers the true meaning of Christmas by going to the real world and mentoring a young 9 year old girl.

The story idea sounds absolutely amazing, but, unfortunately, I won’t be able to help. I have 3 ongoing art requests and can barely manage them. :frowning_face:
I can recommend a good friend of mine. Maybe she still has some time to do it! :yellow_heart:

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Hi, thanks so much, I deeply appreciate the recommendation! Usually I can get your cover to you in one-five days.

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That works! and be as creative as you want. I will focus on the first story I wrote, Elf’s Big Promotion: The True Meaning of Christmas, and I will focus on the other stories next year God willing. :slightly_smiling_face:

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