Looking for someone to do a cover! (free)

Hi, I’m looking for someone to help me bring my story cover to life. I am hoping for someone that does free art! Thank you in advance :slight_smile:


You can always search up few shops, they have artist who makes art for free. I will list down few shops for you.

Cotton Candy Art Shop (OPEN!) :butterfly:

Lovers or art shop (open)

:butterfly: Epi Meraki’s Shop! :butterfly: [OPEN/FREE]


If you need edited cover, check out my Studio and Example’s Catalogue :point_down:

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I do edits so it all free if u would like to take a look my insta is cat333.episodes drop me a message on here or on insta if u would like one

Hi love,
I do free art covers if your still intrested but i would need the deets to see if it not to complex as i am a new artist if that ok!

Do you by any chance have an Instagram? I would love to chat on there about this :slight_smile:

Hi yes my instagram name is Episode_magda