Looking for someone to do an amazing story cover!


Hello! I’m in need of someone to do an amazing cover for my story! I need an image like this:

The cover is playing pregnant and those are all the characters looks I need on the cover.
The background please make it blurred, if you can.

thank you to anyone who does it! ^^ Good luck! :))


Hello I can do the cover for you








Awesome! Thank you so much!


Im so sorry, but i have alot of things to do, i would love to help, but im too busy sorry


No worries! Thanks anyways! :slight_smile:


Hope one of the other can help :blush:


Ok I can try
When do you want the cover


Whenever you can make it. I’m not really in a big rush :slight_smile:


Ok thanks so much


Can you send teh characters details plz


If you request on here I can do it:

I’d love to see you request!


@epi.ms I made it, and I tagged you in it on my art thread. You don’t need to use it if you prefer @Chesirekitten101 ‘s but I wanted to try making it anyway lol


All the characters have light skin and fawn hair and brown eyes. They all have terra-cotta color lips. The boy on left:
Diamond face
Deepest piercing eyes
Generic short hair
Classic mouth
Refined nose
Thin arch eyebrows

Beach wave hair
Classic slender eyes
Oval face
Full lips terracotta
Elven nose
Seductive arch eyebrows

The other boy is a bit taller than both the other characters and has
Stubble face
Athletic round eyes
Strong nose
Classic mouth
Athletic eyebrows
And all the characters have light skin brown eyes and fawn hair.


I just saw, thanks so much!


No problem :see_no_evil: