Looking for someone to do art scenes

took a few months off from my story but i am back

looking for someone to do art scenes for my story :grinning:

any style of art

I will

I can

can you post some samples of your work

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Are you thinking for free or commissions? :slight_smile:


You might want to add what style you want it in :smiley:

what u mean

Ink LL or realistic, I believe is what she is referring to

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either or


As les said add a style you would like it in, LL, INK realistic, anything specific?

and I said either or

Add it to your post so people know so they don’t have to look at the entire talk


Uhmm how can you say any style when your story is in a specific style? When you have a LL art scene and your story is in INK then that doesn’t make any sense?

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