Looking for someone to do my story cover!


Hello! I’m in need of someone to do an amazing cover for my story! I need an image like this :

but with one of my characters faces on the left : Rose 02 skin, Arched Natural brows, Morning Updo (black) hair, Round Medium (emerald green) eyes, Round Soft face, Round Button Upturned nose, Full Heart Pouty (Pink Beige Matte)

and my other character’s face on the right : Gold 01 skin, Arched Thin (Blonde Medium) brows, Beach Wave Hair (Dirty Blonde), Monolid Slender (Blue Aqua) eyes, Heart soft face, Defined Neutral nose, Full heart pouty (Pink Warm Matte) lips

The background is gray :3

I say thank you to anyone who does it! ^^ Good luck! xox


I could help you If u would like


Thank you!


I will start working on it shortly!


I really appreciate it! Thank you!!


No problem :grin: