Looking for someone to draw/edit/other my cover




I’m writing a story about a princess and I’m looking for someone who can do some cool stuff for me…
By that I mean draw, edit, paint the picture, I dunno. Hit me up if you’d wanna help me out!

x Doortje


I can help you with how the character can look. I do love to draw girls. And the only thing I can draw. What other parts are needed to get the character ready? Personalities, how it looks, its’ history, anything.


I just want you to draw the character but more real (if that sounds logical) Like in cartoon style or something…


Do you mean online drawing? Bc I draw offline XD


Okay. I will send a picture when I draw it. Tomorrow sounds great because of football.


no it doesnt have to be online!



This is Katherine


I might have drawn something completely different…oops.



can you pm me a description of your character so I can draw her?


Sure! Wait, wat is pm? Does it mean picture or… I will give an example on my thing a ma bob. Or…caracter.


( I know it’s off topic sorry )
Pm is private/personal message
You can click on her profile pic and then you will see a “message” written button click on it . ( I know I just interrupted you were talking to her , sorry ) @Faithful2
And welcome to forums bloomwelcome


No harm done. I actually am new to this whole website things. So no rush. Love making friends.


Thank you, I hope you have a great time with your stories. The art is so pretty! I love fancy stuff. Makes people feel welcome. Including me. I ope you all are safe from the snowy weather.


Haha :joy: Maybe
I will pm you .


Description of the character I drew

Hair: long feathered
Body Tone: Fair
Dress- yellow summer
White wedges
Red blossom lips




No sorry, I’m really looking for a drawing who looks like the maincharacter…


:grimacing:Sorry, ‘‘tis was before you… drew it…yikes!


Are you looking for a character edit like this? :arrow_down:
Please be more specific :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t know if you can erase the watermark anyone but please don’t steal :grimacing: