Looking for someone to edit an Episode background!


Hey, I’m Winter. I’d like to request a background edit. I hope somebody can do this for me. I will give you credit in my soon-to-be published story.

Story Title: Soccer Moms: Blast to the Future (not added onto background)
Author Name: Winter05 (not added onto background)

In the photo frames below

which are in the Episode background EXT. JUVIE POOL HOUSE INTERIOR - DAY, could I have my characters in them instead please?

Character Details and Outfits:

Alyson (MC)

Character details:

Outfit for 1st photo frame:

Outfit for 2nd photo frame:

Grayson (MC’s husband)

Characters Details:

Outfit for 1st Photo Frame:

Outfit for 2nd Photo Frame:

Aria (MC’s child so make her smaller)

Characters Details:

Outfit for 1st Photo Frame:

Calvin (MC’s child so make him smaller)

Characters Details:

Outfit for 1st Photo Frame:

1st Photo Frame Character Poses:

  • Alyson: flirt_shy left of Aria, facing right
  • Aria: strike_a_pose right of Alyson and left of Calvin, facing right
  • Calvin: laugh_chuckle on the right of Aria and left of Grayson, facing left
  • Grayson: blush on the right of the Calvin, facing left

2nd Photo Frame Character Poses:
This is just Alyson and Grayson on their wedding day.

  • Alyson: kiss_dip
  • Grayson: kiss_dip_rear

1st background - Photo shoot
2nd background - Beach wedding

I want the first details to be in the top details photo frame and second details in the second photo frame please. :slight_smile:

I hope this isn’t too much. Let me know if you can’t do it or have any questions.

Winter xx


hey Winter,
I can do that for you.


Thanks so much Blue!! How long do you think it will take? :slight_smile:


Do you have a screenshot of the photo You want in the background?
Then I can do it in like 5 minutes.


I’d like the characters in the photo frames in the pictures posing if that’s possible. :slight_smile:


will do that


Thanks so much!! :blush:


You want something like this right
So can you send me a screenshot of the character doing the pose like the 2nd photo below?


Sent you a PM. :wink:


@WinterMoon05 Here is your background!


Thank you so much!! It’s brilliant. :blush::hugs:


@Ryan @Jeremy Please close this thread; the story is now published. :slight_smile: