Looking for someone to edit cover!


Hi there! I’m looking for someone to add a nice title onto my cover. I made my small cover, I just need help adding a nice font to it, And I’m so bad at doing it! Also, if anyone knows how to make a big cover for me resizing this picture, I would appreciate it so much. This is my small cover

The title of my story is " Truth be Told" (by epi.ms). If anyone can add the title of my story and maybe even written by epi.ms if there’s space. I want the font to look something like this. thank you in advance!!!


I can try


What do you want it to say on the Cover? I can do that for you.


Thank you! Can you add the title “Truth be Told” and written by epi.ms (if there is space). Thanks :slight_smile:


I’ll see what I can do. Do you want it in color is so what color?


Need any help with text


Whatever you want, I don’t really have any preference.


I think I got it, but if I do i’ll let you know thank you! :slight_smile:


Okay, sound’s good I’ll start it know!


Hi! I need help adding the title of my story to my cover. It just looks bad when I do it. :confused:


Thanks a bunch !!


I’ll message you a few different one’s to pick from! :slight_smile:


@Epy.raven @Bethany1 did either of you resize the large cause I can do that if not? :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you !


That would be amazing if you could


If neither of those two have I’d be happy to!


No I am just doing the name of the story!


Okay @epi.ms I changed it to large for you, is this okay?



Thank you!