Looking for someone to help me with ARTWORK

I’m new to this I don’t know if you need to hire someone to do the artwork but I really need someone to do some artwork for me and just in general how to do this whole artwork thing please can someone help


I can help you with art work if you want ofcourse

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You can ? Can you add me on Instagram? @jesi.epi

i can help you as well if you want!

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Really I really would appreciate the help ! Can you add me on Instagram?

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just messaged u

Hey if you need a cover i can do it for you, i do only commissions (no free arts but I’m very cheap, for one person i only ask 10 EURO, for 2 people it would be 15 EURO and for 3 it’s 20 EURO)

If you want to have an idea of my works I’ll show you the latest ones i did