Looking for someone to help me with my intro

Hi, I’m looking for someone that does moving intros for my upcoming story. I will give you full credit,


Hello! I can try !

I am with @The.Harmonizing.Team

Oh wait, do you want it to move?

Yes I was looking for someone that know how to make intros that move, I’m really having a hard time on it :sweat_smile:

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Oh okay, sorry I can’t do it… but you can request at The harmonizing team request thread :heart:

Oh it’s ok, :sweat_smile:

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I can try to make the intro. I’m not sure if I can though. What would move?

Well there would be two people doing the dip kiss animation (With the prom background) then fire covers them and when the fire is gone it would be different people that’s when the camera moves on the side and it would be the title

I can show you an example if you need to visualize it

Yes please.

Sure, one moment…

When the people are doing the dip kiss animation, which characters?
And who are they switched with?

Got the pictures, they’re something like this

I’ll send you the details of the characters

Okay, I understand now. And the story sounds very interesting! You don’t need to send me the details, I already made the characters. I’ve started working on it, I’m just messing around with the layering now.

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Ok just making sure you know the details because some ppl get confused of the eye color of the man :sweat_smile:

And the story is called Have we met Before?


Should I make an overlay for the Title? It wouldn’t be a problem.

Yeah I think overlaying the title will do :heart: