Looking for someone to make a backround for me. I give credit

Hey I need someone to do my backrounds. I give credit and im working on an amazing story! Just DM me and I will get right back to ya. Bye!

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I provide links to amazing backgrounds you could use for your stories, giving credit of course, on this thread:

Feel free to use them!
But I believe you mean you want backgrounds that you have to be edited-if yes, then I can’t help you there, sorry, but hopefully someone can :thinking:

Good luck!

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Hi @NoviaP and thanks for providing the opportunity to collaborate with the community. Unfortunately you created this topic in the incorrect section of the forums. I have gone ahead and moved it to Art Resources since that is what you are asking for. Feel free to review our forum tutorial which provides info on exactly where to correctly create topics on the forums. Thanks a bunch! :peace_symbol: